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Fundacion Rosón Arte Contemporáneo is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 and based in the city of Pontevedra in the northeastern Spanish province of Galicia. Its main goal is the support of the arts through the production of projects and activities that can trigger artistic creation and its promotion within the local context, but also in a wider national and international frame.
The foundation is the receiver of a private collection of more than 300 artworks by 170 Spanish and international artists. This collection is partially on show, both in the Fundación Rac facilities as well as in different exhibitions and through external loans.
Keeping in mind the need to advance the dialogue between the artistic institutions and the social networks, Fundación Rac has taken on the commitment to support contemporary creation through its residence program. Fundación Rac invites artists to develop specific projects to be shown at the foundation’s exhibition space in the heart of the old quarter of Pontevedra. In this way the residence program seeks to establish a link with contemporary art that may go beyond the act of collecting into the immersion in every stage of the artistic process.

Fundación Rac also takes on an important educational role offering guided tours of the collection, organizing meetings with students and artists and supporting different activities related to literature.


Founding President
Carlos Rosón Gasalla

Vice President
Julieta Rojo Noguera

Félix García González

Dan Cameron
Lorena M. de Corral
Félix García González
Cecilia Pereira Marimón
J. Félix de Rivera García-Manzano
Carlota Rosón Rojo
Santiago Rosón Rojo